Leaders In Training Sports Mentoring Program
Leaders In Training Sports Mentoring Program 

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While it is the dream of student-athletes to play professional sports, the reality is that 99% will not attain this goal and instead may find themselves with a limited education and few opportunities. Aspiring youth need to be set up for success in life regardless of what happens on the field. Understanding and addressing this realism is why the LIT Sports Mentoring Program was created. Our objective is to provide student-athletes a comprehensive year-round curriculum administered in collaboration with the most well respected and accomplished firms in both athletics and academics with the goal of our graduates thriving in college. 



will “School” youth on becoming leaders by pairing them up with caring adults from the mass media, sports journalism, sport management, and health and fitness fields. School District of Philadelphia youth will be put in the roles of: executive producers, producers, on-air personalities, store managers, coaches and administrators. We will create a network of Mentors, Teachors, and advocates for our high school students by partnering with colleges, TV and radio stations, various businesses, and the School District of Philadelphia.


Our program was created to be a support structure that gives youth opportunities to experience triumphs both in and out the classroom. Our exceptional program model will have a high influence that will change Philadelphia’s Youth.


Why Philadelphia Public Schools (aka "The Public League")


  • 23% of Philadelphia residents have graduated from college; Philly ranks 41st out of the 50 largest cities across this metric
  • 76% of students in Philadelphia Public Schools are from economically disadvantaged households
  • 31% of students in Philadelphia school districts are from impoverished households; Philadelphia’s 25% overall poverty rate ranks the 6th highest among the 50 largest cities in the country
  •  37% of graduates of the city’s public high schools (not including charter schools) go to college immediately after graduation and about 51% do not go at all

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